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17 December 2011 @ 12:59 am

This could have been in color. It started out with bright yellows and bright greens in the background. His suit was even a vibrant blue. BUT...black and white it ended up.

I love this scene. It's probably up there with the orange scene earlier in the movie. If anyone doesn't like this scene, they're nuts or on drugs--or both.
17 December 2011 @ 12:17 am

There's just something about this picture. There always has been since the first time I saw it (3 yrs ago). Of course every single one of Harry's photos or screencaps are perfection. I know, I know--don't be a hater. :p

This image is in color originally, but I had to totally slap black and white on it. I think it looks amazing this way.

God Harry. Why are you so damn sexy? WHY?!
17 December 2011 @ 12:00 am

Someone re-blogged this on tumblr and said they thought at first he had lipstick on. He doesn't--unless some woman ran up to him and decided to get in some serious smooch time, and well, he sure as hell looks A LOT like Cary Grant, so...there's nothing unusual about lipstick possibly being there.

Personally, it isn't mine. I don't wear lipstick. Ever.

So simple is as simple...does. There's nothing special about this piece. It's just straight forward and straight sexy. I used some selective coloring and some color balancing as well one or two level layers. I duplicated the image and set it to blur a little; reduced the blurred image layer opacity/fill controls. That's it--presto, presto, do you very besto! LMAO.

Guh. I'd like to just grab him, and yes, I've tried--but still nothing.
16 December 2011 @ 11:48 pm

I liked this image not just for Devlin's expression, but because the background was simple. Can I get an amen for simple backgrounds? Hmm...I wanted to purposely turn his suit dark blue because, wait for it...blue is one of my favorite colors.

This was probably the quickest colorization I've done so far.

Barnaby! *squeals*

This colorization pissed me off, but I like it better than the first one of Barnaby I did...which I'm not sure if I'll be sharing on here. There's something off with it from my point of view so either I find a way to fix it or I re-do it...chances are, I'll redo it.

There's more of a contrast on here and I'm not sure if I even like it. I think the best part is Barnaby standing right in front of the curtain, and the color of the curtain is hard to ignore.

His skin tone bothers me. I think I've got to add a layer of white and set it to some sort of blur mode before I make a layer with the actual color for the skin tone (from now on) because I keep having trouble (unlike I did with the original few I did). I wonder what I'm doing differently??? It could be a number of things, I never do the same thing twice.

Anyway, he's just too orange-y and that irks me. I also noticed on a different monitor that the background makes the back of his shirt look yellowish. I fixed that when I got home on my original monitor, but it still might show up depending on monitor controls.

UGH and even though the contrast of the curtain and Barnaby is pretty sweet (to me), I just realized that I painted a part of the curtain the same color as the wall. *head smacks onto desk* !!!!!! ...it's the little things that'll irk me, I swear.

Hmm...well, I've still got a long way to go with colorization. I better shut up and get to it, aye?
15 December 2011 @ 04:57 pm


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09 December 2011 @ 09:32 pm

This gif is the opening of my sidebar on my tumblr page. I figure, it's a wonderful way to greet my current and new followers. It's quite seasonal, too. :D
09 December 2011 @ 09:16 pm

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I've got lots of love for Peter, too. Lots 'n lots 'n lots n'...lots of love for Peter. Yes sir, I do!

There's really nothing special about this wall. I just threw it together as something to put up on my tumblr, showing some of my favorite caps I have of Peter. The joys about these caps is that they come from the Charade: The Criterion Collection...blu-ray, so it makes using them in photoshop as easy as...well, the majority of screencaps that come from modern tv shows/movies.

After using some Selective Coloring layers and some Color Balance layers, I merged all of the layers together, then duplicated the image and turned that layer into a Motion Blur that was set to "Screen" on the Blend Menu...changed the opacity/fill a little bit...and that was it.

Of course I had to make some sort of statement by turning one of the images into black and white. Then, it was all done. It was nearly perfect.

I quite like it. It's simple, and it's ALL Peter.
09 December 2011 @ 09:00 pm

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I did a collage type of style for this wallpaper, pretty much in the way I did my Barnaby wallpaper--except it's a darker shade for obvious reasons. It's just pretty simple and it speaks for itself.

*Click for full-size

Here goes another background texture that I can't seem to remember where I got it...but I did find it on google images most likely. I love it though because I've used it several times already.

The text belongs to one of the many songs I love to listen to, but I can't remember at the moment what it says though I am sure "UNTIL WE ARE ALONE" is part of it.

I played with the shades of grays, blacks, and whites most likely. I even messed with the levels and the contrast/brightness tools. The overall background of the wallpaper was in color (that texture I can't place), so I used a Gradient Map to turn it black and white.

*Click for full-size

This one has kind of a yellow tint to it, ever-so-slighty. It''s still simple though, just like the previous two.
09 December 2011 @ 08:28 pm

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As much as I love Barnaby, I love Edwina, too. I made this wallpaper because...well...it's all love from my corner. :P

I got some outside help with this wall as in I went looking for two types of textures to use behind the screencap of them. I googled the textures, that I know, but I don't know directly where they came from. I hope I don't offend the person who put them up or made them by not giving credit to them...but if they see this and they know it is theirs then TELL ME, and by all means...I'll edit this entry and give credit. :)

I claim my heart, again. :P Another last minute addition that I felt needed to be there. As adorable as I think Peter & Regina are from "Charade"... I think I have a bit of a bigger soft spot for Barnaby & Edwina. <3

EDWINA. Isn't that the most EPIC female name you've heard in like, I don't know...FOREVER?! I love it so much I told my mom I wanted to change my name to Edwina. Of course her reaction was to stare at me, blink, then say, "Well your name is already Sabrina, so Edwina kind of sounds the same.". Glad I've gotten your approval mother.

Of course reality hits me from time to time, and I realize I'll never change my name (for a number of reasons). :)

BUT BACK TO IT..., I stuck a turquoise bar across the back of them to add some retro flare. I quite like it if I do say so myself...and one of the reasons is because I can't remember a time where I've ever used orange and turquoise together.
09 December 2011 @ 07:59 pm

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I'm not sure who knows it and who doesn't know it yet, but Barnaby Fulton is my most favorite Cary Grant character. I could go on and on about Barnaby...even if nobody asked, on a whim, just like that...I'll pour my heart out about him.

I love him so much that the first real RPG I'm taking part in will most likely have him or an original character highly influenced by him. That's...BIG.

All of this didn't have to be said just to post artwork with him, but you know I just had to say it.

This wallpaper/desktop is pretty simple. I used caps I took quickly from "Monkey Business" as I watched it on Netflix. I stuck them together on one blank document, then masked each image so I could smoothly erase away their edges so it formed a collage.

I threw some grays and whites layers on top of each other; played with their blending modes and their opacity/fill controls. The movie is in black & white therefore that's how the caps came--so there wasn't much work to be done for this one.

The heart is custom though--I made it with my MOUSE. Can you believe it? I didn't make it especially for this collage, but for something else I can't remember (something tells me it was Harrison Ford related...because, really, this is me we're talking about), but when I needed a finishing touch I said, 'Oh! I JUST LOVE BARNABY!...WHERE IS THAT HEART OF MINE?!'. It's not perfect...but it's quirky and it goes PERFECTLY with Barnaby.

I rocked this as my desktop for about two weeks or so, because...wait for it... I love Barnaby so much. From his INSANE-dorky glasses right down to his pouty mouth, his ties (especially the bowties), and everything else about him...even his Formula!