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25 February 2012 @ 08:30 pm
Han Solo...who would have ever THUNK I'd make wallpapers with you?  

A good friend of mine (visit her website to check out her wicked sweet blu-ray Han Solo caps--and make sure you give her CREDIT! Click Here made these Han Solo caps...all for me. I didn't even ASK for them, but the point is, she knows how MADLY in love with Harrison I am--so you know she passed them off into awaiting hands.

So what's special about this wallpaper? Well lets see...it's my first wallpaper for Han Solo. That's a big deal. Am I Han Solo fan? Eh... no, not really. I'm not a Star Wars fan either, but I do think he's attractive from time to time. Now...is one of those times.

This piece if simple. I like simple.