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06 January 2012 @ 06:45 pm
Christmas came and went...  
Well, Christmas came and went--and what'd I get? All this Ford and Grant goodness to keep me warm all winter long.

So in honor of all of that goodness, I created a tumblr page where I can store all of my gifs. GIFS by GEEKERY is what I call it and so far, so good. I've gotten quite a few reblogs of anything from Grant to, well, Ford, really. That's the only kinds of gifs I've got on there at the moment.

So while I sit here and eat some NERDS like the nerd that I am, I'll share one of my favorite gifs and supply the link to my new tumblr page where all my other gifs (currently) can be found. :)

Here is my Gifs page @ tumblr: CLICK ME